Friday, November 14, 2008

Long river's wedding dinner

The most fun of wedding dinner in my LIFE...

There is Melody's bro Marcus wedding dinner at 1/11/2008 but i just
received those picture at today. But its look damn fun that night
with long river's club basketball gang. And the night was begin...

Was waiting for opening of dinner.

After ate some of the food only. Wine war is started while
Uncle DON come.

There is a song sing by us before we drink it.Quite
special for us : Ngor dei chai chai sing, zhan gou hing, dai gar yat chai lei
yammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sennnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg....
(in cantonese... )

After few cup of wine...starting bargain of wine
( full of snake in long river )

See fight what fall down on the floor ady lo...

Come again...sing again ( see the lyrics above )


Another yammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Finally SIng ady......( kenry..we reach their age ady? ) xD

After dinner i was rushing to go my cousin 21th birthday party
in chinese xD
while i on the way to the party those uncle calling me
to go for drink again
its seems like in the hong kong drama like that...
( wei...yao zhao oh...hang lo...)
actcually is asking me to night club i guess...but as i know some of them drunk
ady so they din go for it.
( Tomorrow still can basketball 1 lo...but..where yue ming?
we waiting u come back and take off your skin bro...lolx )

I remembere i reach ampang ady 11 something lucky she still waiting for me lol

The BIAO mui and remember i have not much
of biao mui gua...lolx Happy Birthday!!!

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