Friday, November 21, 2008

20 of November MOS night

The MOS night in 20 November!!!

We have so much fun on that night.

Those are the picture on that night

Check it ouT!!

The ass hole back from AUS MR.ROn
why close your eye? you shy or your eye too small? xD

You feel hang fuk or something with your face? lolx

Travis X Zkan

Ee lynn X Kam Seng
LOL so long time never see you..finally meet u in da club

Kenry X Ee Lynn X Travis

We are the connaught!! ( primary )

Kasi dia BEI~

Waiko x Kam seng x Fei lou

Travis x Fanny

Someone , lily and me!

The Sg Long penduduk aka Long river!!

WE are on the HOUSE!

Matt X Sam X Jason X Vernon

The whole night is okey but something fucked up for us
is the MOS change the rule and no more free mixed for us
whole night we only got 7 jug coke for 4 bottle
how to drink oh? Come on la...

1 comment:

~* Melody *~ said...

Hahaha surprisingly you were not drunk? haha Sam looks so "big bro-ish" in the second last pic haha