Sunday, November 23, 2008

House Party in Saturday night

Previously about the MOS night we realize
not enough drunk and we decide to have
a party at FEI LOU house since his house no
body and we're nothing to do on that night.
WE play card game such as FUCK YOU game
and COW. If you wan to know more about the game
ask US.xD

KISS it after you drink finish it

Stupid pose lolx

Alex you ok mou? drink little little than drunk ady ar?

The 1st DOWN - Fei Louz

The second and the third goes to - Yue Ming and Alex
( they trying to sell something? )


Actually i drink until half way suddenly i remember that i
promise my friends corn to fetch her to the singing competition
At last i only sleep for 1 or 2 hour and send her to summit USJ
but still late. This is the picture while i waiting she go to the stage
and sing. POP star right? lolx


Renee's Feeling -appreciate it all- said...

i noe wad kind of game u guys playing..
coz of tis game i vomit like hell man!! grrr

travis'slifestyle said...

come play with us..we will make u vomit abit only lol don worry