Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

24 . 12 . 2008

Crazy Christmas eve

The BBQ with alcohol parties.

Location : My House

Party people : Alot.

The weapon we have and the fun part of the party.

The food. with someone's leg

There is hot and why i m there?

Our sound system and the play list create by : Sam
future DJ? DJ SAMMMM?? lol

Me and She the one.

Two late comers.

The begin of the game.

I'm BACK~!

Finish? too much of demand for us.

After end all the game we chilling outside my house
most of them still play cow there. That our chinese culture
Until 5 something we hang out to the only one 24 hour
mamak in sg long. Until 7 we plan for a basketball game.
Its really crazy and fun christmas eve that i had.

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