Tuesday, December 9, 2008

4 December 2008 Genting 1 day trip


ITs was the last week trip but i'm late to pose

the picture. Just because my stupid laptop

can't open and i can't do anything

without it. Anyway there is a lot picture

we took on that day.

Yue Ming, Sam , Me , Renee , Imy and

some surian's which is


Yes FINALLY we arrieved genting and

waiting at highland hotel.

=.= i'm on the phone la wei

Why THEY are so yan oi..lolx

The rules we play!!

In the Highland hotel room.

I dare you to drink it xD

The husband and wife. Who be the husband or

who is the wife?

Three of us Ron Sam Travis

Why you guys look so exciting?

Sam X Travis

Keep waiting and waiting.

what m i doing actually...

Another wait again.

While waiting espisode 2

Something like stupid face.

3 of us again..we almost walk whole indoor at

afternoon. lolx

Waiting espisode 3 The night car.

The previously. Peace

Don't don't...please..?

Renee with US.

When the night turning to morning. There is

some bei kar close his face cause he is not really ok.

There is so much fun there either in the room or indoor

game. Plus we had a poker game in the house and a video to

show what the rules we made. coming soon.

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Renee's Feeling -appreciate it all- said...

lets penang trip begin~
lets drinks eat fun again ~