Thursday, April 23, 2009

The day after Final - Genting

21/4 The day after our final exam.

We went to the Genting according to the plan.

But at last we success but did not overnight there.

And we had so much fun there xD

On the way..

Four Nerd face...xD


Quenly and Me

The worth of the day..thanks to business student.

Adrian me and corn, i m curi take the pose of quenly,which is
the below picture.. xD

Got cha!!

me and quen again.

3 of them.

lolx...not bad mar..

Something there?


lame post. xD

This time might will be the last time for us to
travel together..after this we have to
go for different thing as we need to go for it.
So good luck ya for those will seperate
after this semester. All all the best guys.

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