Monday, March 2, 2009

Another again

1st of march
another person leave here again
the person fall in true love
haha...congratulation bro.
He leaved here for 3 month only =.=

today rushing to send his girl to air port
guess what? how many times i
go to air port this month? siao...

something happen? i guess really brave.
You two have to add oil in the future.
Nice to see she is changed by you. haha
by the way..good luck to you guys.
and bro..take care.

By the same day, its was my lovely mum birthday today.
i was hang out with my family whole day from 11 morning
to celebrate for her. Mum..happy birthday ya. Stay happy.

( between this two days i was slept 2 hours only, and
now is time to sleep..tomorrow class again. xD night )

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