Sunday, January 4, 2009

The first party in 2009

Zouk KL Thursday Night

This is our first party in 2009 in Zouk. We had so
much fun inside there, Let the picture show you
our attitude. xD

On the way to zouk and is great to no need rush
to club as like going mos.

Imy? feel fed up sit with her or fed up with
Malaysia new policy?

ZOUK!! ( zouk kik's place )

Waiting somebody who was parking.

Empty? maybe too early we reach.



What you want?

Imy and Renee.

Sam X San X Ken

Renee and Travis



Ron,Travis,Sam and Kenry in different face.

Imy and Me

opps..nice face..xD

Imy what you trying to do?

Kenry x Ron

Jacklyn x Travis

Imy x Jeanie x Renee.

We leave there while 3am and heading to the petaling street to eat
mouse noodle. There is so much fun hanging out
with you guys wei. We got another way to get more fun
in club. Join us xD

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